Candle-Making Workshop


Atlanta candle making workshops have exploded over the last year. Our founder, LeJeanne Capers launched our 5-Star experience in collaboration with Airbnb Experience last summer. The experience was a part of Airbnb's strategic plan to build out their Experience platform in Atlanta.  The candle making workshop experience is a date night favorite with guests coming for coast to coast. 

Here's an excerpt of what you'll do in the experience: 

In this class, you will learn the basics of luxury candle making using 100% soy wax and cotton wicks. Each guest will leave with 3 candles, each with up to a 40 hour burn time. To commemorate your visit to the peach state your first candle will have a peach fragrance. It's our #1 Best Seller! You will also create a signature fragrance using premium essential and fragrance oils.  Each candle will be stored in a reusable vessel.

What guests are saying:

"LeJeanne made my candle making experience amazing. She's high energy, infectious, but grounded. Answered every question I had thoroughly." -Zeron (Louisiana) 

"LJ is extremely warm and welcoming. It was super casual yet filled with lots of unique and useful information! We had an amazing time and the candles turned out AMAZING! Couldn't recommend her enough!!! Also... great value for money!" - Ryan (Ohio)

"LeJeanne was AWESOME! I didn't think I could learn so much in two hours, but the time allotted was perfect. LeJeanne has a strong understanding of her clients need coupled with her knowledge of candle making. I wasn't sure what to expect, and the experience exceeded my expectations. LeJeanne provides an experience that incorporates so much more than the "How to" classes being offered by others." -Cheri (Atlanta)

"The absolute best time I’ve ever had! The ambiance, activities, and hospitality were nothing short of fantastic. I’d pay to do this workshop again." -B (Millidgeville)

"LeJeanne provided an excellent experience! My husband and I did this for date night and it did not disappoint. She was very personable and was a great conversationalist. She answered any questions we had and even explained the differences in some of the popular brands of candles. The candle making itself was so much fun! I liked how she gave us different options for the various tools so that we could use ordinary household items. There were plenty of scents to choose from in order to personalize your candles... this definitely brought out the kids in us. Totally recommend!" -M, (Metro Atlanta)

"LeJeanne’s candle making class was great! We had so much fun talking with her at her place and loved learning about the candle making. The best part was choosing our own scents from her collection :) Book this experience if you’re in the area!"  -N, (Park City, Utah)

We are launching a mobile candle making workshop experience later this spring. Sign up for exclusive offers.